Handy tool with advanced features, at a fraction of the price of professional Windows software.

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  • Allows to evaluate all features of IPERF User Interface, including the command history, export results, real-time charting in sliding window or full history mode. Trial version operates upto 10Mbps and 2 threads, without QoS. No Iperf3 launch. false positive alert
    md5 hash: 8D03E73BEF335D44FF2DFB4F04744CC4
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Command Line


  • Proven old code with familiar commands, converted to Windows and compiled in Visual Studio, updated with QoS.

    Compiled and delivered in 24h.



  • Same code, with full advantages of User Interface and real-time Charts, which shortens the learning curve of this powerful tool. Draw the results the moment you receive them.
    Launch Iperf3 from GUI and draw its charts.

    Compiled and delivered in 24h.
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User Interface
not IPERF at all
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